The PodwitsThe Wits’ of Pod are back again for another exciting, riveting and enthralling episode of The Podwits Podcast! Brian Zino, J. Marcus and Dion Baia take a trip down memory lane with cable vs. the old school antenna, before they disseminate the new look and presentation of Television networks and if their names truly still reflect their content. The boys then chat about the delightful news that the 1966 Batman TV show will get its own animated movie in 2016, and then if Ryan Gosling is actually going to become the new John McClane in the Die Hard franchise, which leads to the question: do successful reboots and remakes flourish only because of their fidelity to the original brand? Hmm… All that, plus a brand new installment of the Borgninian Moment in this week’s edition of the Podwits’ Podcast!