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Crotchety old Dion brings up his issues with television¬†story arcs, ultra-violence on the small screen and then parlays with J and Brian about art in cinema. Is Film dead (to borrow from the late 1960’s adage about Rock)? Come take a listen as the boys beat the old man back into submission and stick him […]

Dion is back after his two tours in the political-convention wars, and the crew quickly set their sights on revisiting the 1980’s series Knight Rider, in light of the 1st Annual Knight Rider Convention to be held at the beginning of October, celebrating the show’s 30th anniversary. The boys somehow, by way of Vic Morrow […]

Brian and J. are on their own this week and left to ponder the canon of Dion, the inevitable courtship of Superman and Wonder Woman and Jessica Hamby’s beyond-cute video blog!¬† All that and the return of a venerable (?) sci-fi television series on this week’s Podwits Podcast!

So many of the images I love were born out of an artist whose work is known by so many, but whose name is not. Ralph McQuarrie created many of the worlds movie and television fans dream of visiting. Our first impressions of the STAR WARS films are thanks to him!