The PodwitsDion is back after his two tours in the political-convention wars, and the crew quickly set their sights on revisiting the 1980’s series Knight Rider, in light of the 1st Annual Knight Rider Convention to be held at the beginning of October, celebrating the show’s 30th anniversary. The boys somehow, by way of Vic Morrow and the General Lee, end up on George Harrison and his famous 1970 solo album, All Things Must Pass. Who spun the dice? Who landed in jail and who got a ‘skip your turn’ card? Well give this week’s cast a spin and find out…

  1. Dion says:

    I was calling it the sand dunes but in fact the location that they used for the Dukes of Hazard jumps and for the Vic Morrow segment of the Twilight Zone movie was called the Indian Dunes. Sorry.

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