Podwits PodcastThe boys are all back together for an ALL-NEW, right-off-the-assembly-line-edition of the one, the original, Podwits Podcast! They chat this week about their various jet-setting, before getting into topics that hit closer to home, like the loss of fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett, the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek producer Harve Bennett, and we embrace or even begin to process the death of your generation’s heroes; then segue to the uplifting, sad and eerie story of the miracle baby in Utah, and finally the  touching things some celebrities are doing for sick or ill children, most recently involving the gesture by Robert Downey Jr. And let’s not forget, an ultra special brand new Borgninian Moment! You’ll laugh and you’ll cry with us (quite literally in Brian‘s case) in this week’s installment of The Podwits Podcast!

Here’s a short video courtesy of Laughing Squid that traces the roots of the Original Star Trek Theme back to Beethoven.

The Muddy Waters song Dion couldn’t remember from the album Electric Mud that segues intoMy Girl” is titled “She’s Alright.

The PodwitsNo, seriously.  That’s what this episode is called.  Don’t look at me, I don’t make these things up.  I just do what I’m told.  And to be honest, I’m not getting paid enough to take this kind of abuse.  But that’s beside the point.  What is this week’s episode about, you ask?  Hold on… I have it here somewhere… I swear… Mayonnaise and refried beans!  No, that’s not it.  Ah, the hell with it.  Just listen to the podcast.  I’m sure it’s good.  Brian and J. are there and they have some stuff to say about other stuff.  No really.  It’s good!  AND I PROMISE YOU IT IS NOT ABOUT MASTURBATION!  Come on, that’s a good thing, right?

An Open Letter To Mr. William Shatner

Posted: March 2, 2015 by J. Marcus in Up on The Soap Box

Dear Mr. Shatner,

You won’t remember me.  We met but once.  It wasn’t the best of times.  You were busy preparing for an interview and I was in a group of staff members clamoring to see you.  You were preoccupied.  That’s OK.  You were getting ready and the last thing you needed at the time was another fan of that show.  But maybe you need one now.

One silly fan who can tell those who would turn their backs on you to get a life.  And that perhaps they should look back to the very stories they love for the answers.

You were hosting a charity event that was booked well in advance and could not break away to get to Mr. Nimoy’s funeral in time.  A wise man once said that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the one.  They’re just words.  But GOOD words.  That’s where ideas begin.  Maybe everyone else should listen to them.  How many people did your presence help?  How much attention did you attract to a charity by being there?  One would assume that these are the very reasons you were asked to host.

As a fandom, we are all mourning the loss in our own ways.  But how many of us knew the man?  We watched you and him for many, many years on screens big and small but that does not mean that we know what is in your heart or in your mind.  You’ve spoken out online about your feelings and tried to pay your respects even by not being there.  Isn’t that one of the things that make this “future” so great?  That instead of stalwart silence, you can express your feelings even without being there?  You’ve been kind enough to share your thoughts with the world.  At a time like this, can’t that be enough?

For me, the death of Mr. Nimoy plays back in my mind much like the death of his beloved character so many years ago– I watched as a child watching in the theater.  I can’t help that.  As devastating as that may be for me, I can only imagine the many feelings that the loss of Mr. Nimoy must bring to you.  Now is not the time for recriminations, but for support and healing.

Regardless… this shouldn’t really be about you.  Those who make it so are lashing out.  This should be about paying final respects to our honored dead.

I am sorry for your loss.  As I am sorry for the loss to this world.  He seemed like an incredible person–  Even without the ears.


J. Marcus

“Star Trek” Fan

Nimoy Album ArtThis week The Podwits boldly explore the life and times of the late Leonard Nimoy.  The Star Trek star passed away this week and J. and Dion wanted to pay their final respects to their honored dead.  Please join us as we celebrate Mr. Nimoy as part of our look back at what’s been happening over the past few weeks.

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The PodwitsThis week finds the boys on the run, after an ill-advised attempt to play John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd, now recording their podcast from their current hideout, a waste-basket cabinet at a local Manhattan eatery. They briefly try to dissect whatever you want to call the latest act of buffoonery by Kanye West at this year’s Grammy Awards (cue insert foot here graphic). They then progress (or digress) into how companies can be complete and utter douches, and shrine their Podwit-flashlights on the mega company that controls Red Bull and their war on a small Virginia microbrewery, and another company’s attempt to retain a copyright to the beloved property Wheel of Time, even going to the extreme action of buying overnight-infomercial time to play a haphazardly done pilot, staring of all people, Billy Zane.  It’s good times had by all by pointing of the ironies of the day, with yet another fun-fueled installment of The Podwits Podcast!

The PodwitsIn this episode: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the Quaid Brothers ouevre, deeply personal movies (like Frequency and Zack and Miri Make a Porno) and Saturday Night Live all get the one of a kind Podwits treatment! Another week, another fine collection of trivia, hijinks and non-sequiturs is yours, courtesy of Dion, J. and Brian!

Podwits PodcastThis week on an all new episode of the Podwits podcast, the boys do a show about them prepping to do a show while at the same time, doing a show. Sound confusing? Well imagine being a part of it! They chat about concepts of time and exactly what the heck the Podwits are doing when they are not being spun on the old jukebox; they also delve into My Little Pony & Dion’s discovery of what Bronies are, which leads into a long pseudo-psychoanalysis of modern cartoons; J. spells his love out for Kevin Smith, including the director’s latest film Tusk; and is using Dramatic Shorthand a cop-out? As well as what kind of TV do you watch when stuck in the ER for 8+ hours like Dion was the other week- the lead is not buried, we do find out the gory story about why he was spending so much time watching television at the local Emergency Room. So come on down and have a listen to another always enjoyable and thought-provoking episode of The Podwits!

Here is the Jason Biggs Twitter controversy from 2012 eluded to in the podcast. 

Night of the Podwits!“When a pop culture topic proves too baffling for the minds of anyone with a brain in their heads, they turn to the talents of… Department P!” Yes, suave super-agents J. Marcus and Brian Zino are your hosts this week, getting into all sorts of shenanigans as they debate how important a prepared ending is for a TV series. Plus, Brian gives you the lowdown on the classic (and ahead of its time) British TV series Department S, J. worries about Marvel’s big upcoming Secret Wars event, and the boys talk about the latest developments to come out of Spider-Verse. Get your decoder rings, folks, the game is afoot!

The PodwitsWelcome to this week’s all-new edition of The Podwits Podcast!  Thanks to a spectacular technical error on behalf of the engineering staff, this week’s podcast was recorded TWICE!  Though, you’ll only have to listen to the second, new and improved version.  In an effort to capture lightning in a bottle, Dion and J. try to hit all the topics from their missing podcast at LIGHTNING SPEED!  It’s like getting all the usual Podwits goodness and so much more!  I can guarantee you this, though… there are not nearly as many exclamation points in the podcast as there are in this write-up!!!  So sit back, relax your earholes and get ready for another exciting episode of The Podwits Podcast!