Podwits PodcastThe boys are all back together for an ALL-NEW, right-off-the-assembly-line-edition of the one, the original, Podwits Podcast! They chat this week about their various jet-setting, before getting into topics that hit closer to home, like the loss of fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett, the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek producer Harve Bennett, and we embrace or even begin to process the death of your generation’s heroes; then segue to the uplifting, sad and eerie story of the miracle baby in Utah, and finally the  touching things some celebrities are doing for sick or ill children, most recently involving the gesture by Robert Downey Jr. And let’s not forget, an ultra special brand new Borgninian Moment! You’ll laugh and you’ll cry with us (quite literally in Brian‘s case) in this week’s installment of The Podwits Podcast!

Here’s a short video courtesy of Laughing Squid that traces the roots of the Original Star Trek Theme back to Beethoven.

The Muddy Waters song Dion couldn’t remember from the album Electric Mud that segues intoMy Girl” is titled “She’s Alright.