(This cast originally aired the 18th of February, 2012.)

The Podwits take the show on the road and record LIVE from the 20th annualBorgnine Night” at the legendary Tortilla Flats in New York City! The proprietor of the bar, Andy, sits down and discusses the history of “Borgnine Night” and the cult status it has now achieved. Will Dion ever be able to top this episode’s “Borgninian Moment of the Week“? You’ll just have to listen to find out!

All that and a preview of an upcoming Podwits EXCLUSIVE interview with NYPD and Film legend Randy Jurgensen.

And a special thanks to www.paulpix.net for providing not just the beautiful cover art for this week’s cast, but for shooting the evening for us!

The PodwitsThe boys usher in the New Year with talk of documentaries, and the annoyance of the Documentarian interjecting themselves into the narrative and becoming the central character- is that at all necessary? Then of course, like all good academic conversations, the topic leads to porn and the numbing of the modern mind to the naked image and what now can be found online… and well, so much so that they actually had to edit out a recollection that wasn’t approved by the censors and the Hayes Code!

So come have a listen to the first cast of 2015– and also hear the exclusive, announcement the Podwits have on the all new Podcast premiering in the coming weeks! Please come down and have a listen!!!

Check out the original leaked videos that led to the great 2010 documentary Winnebago Man.

And here are details of New York City’s famous, lost 1960’s club’s, Steve Paul’s The Scene.

Well the Podwits rip their topics right from the headlines this week! Podwits Podcast

After one of our beloved Wits of Pod confesses to a horrible invasion of the vicious Bedbug some years ago, they take listener’s Twitter questions on the subject, before they move on to the uproar surrounding the casting of Ridley Scott‘s Exodus:Gods and Kings film, the Sony Pictures debacle and how the film The Interview was even greenlit, and Bill Cosby‘s fall from grace. They end on a high note, discussing Atlantic City and the sad downfall of prestige related to casino gambling.  We’re all lining up for a chance at the One-Armed-Bandit this week in an all new episode of the Podwits Podcast!

The PodwitsOn this week’s delightful edition of “The Podwits Podcast”, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about beer and so much more as Brian “Dr. All Y’all” Zino takes us through the in’s and out’s of IPAs and what exactly it takes to ‘skunk’ a beer (not to mention a very special choice for this week’s edition of ‘What’s Brian Drinking’?)  The Wits Of Pod then chase it with an in-depth look at what the recent SONY data breach may mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether or not a certain webslinger may finally swing on over  to the MCU Proper!

It’s got action, adventure and mystery in this week’s brand-spanking new “Podwits Podcast”.  Pull up a pew and relax those earholes!

The PodwitsLOVE…










The Podwits Podcast

Two men travel the Internet.  What will they find?  Enlightenment?  Heartache?  A senses-shattering podcast you’ll have to hear to believe!

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Rated “A” for Awesome!

The PodwitsThe boys are cookin’ and steamin’ this morning! They first jump into their love for Preservation Hall in New Orleans, which leads into a very spirited discussion of their love of all things Jazz. They chat about their favorite jazz musicians, jazz albums, and even give off-the-cuff 5 jazz picks for anyone wanting to get into the genre. Dion waxes for his love of Frank Sinatra and breaks down the theory of the ‘concept album‘ and Frank’s connection, and after briefly touching on the history of how Blues legends learned how to play down in the Delta, Brian then presents the philosophical (or rhetorical) question of the old school musicians who learned to play in the smoky clubs or backwoods juke joints, versus the modern-day musicians who instead now learn their trade academically, in schools and universities- is there a difference in heart and feeling? And did the bitterness we saw in the 1960’s-70’s from some Blues icons toward the British-invasion white-bands justified? We’re improvin’ it all the way home in this brand new edition of the Podwits Podcast!

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Please check out good friend and very talented musical genius Matt Garrison and his new album here

Here’s the great PBS American Masters documentary called Satchmo: The Life of Louis Armstrong

Have a look at the iconic photos Photographer William Claxton took over the years of musicians and acting legends alike.

Here’s a sample of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band‘s tribute album, featuring Tom Waits.



Side-CastsJ. Blake and Dion Baia are back for another exciting installment of the Podwits Side Cast! This week the boys have picked 10 live albums that they feel are great and  *must* listens for anyone unfamiliar with them. The boys have managed to narrow it down to 5 each, and try to surprise each other as to what is on each list and why they think each album has a place on said lists. So come on down and see which picks the boys decided on and see if you know them all, on this week’s edition of the Podwits Side Cast.

The PodwitsThe boys get into some pretty heady, philosophical debates this week, concerning the right of the fan towards art. Starting with the cancellation of various TV shows they’ve known and loved, Dion and Brian segue into the idea of continuing a franchise’s life through new material, be it either penned by fans or officially sanctioned by the creators; is that ok? The topic of responsiblity of an artist to the fan is weighed- be it in movies, television, print or music, and what then of the responsiblity of the fan to an artist? Hmmm…. It’s a fun ride this week on another exciting and educating edition of the Podwits podcast!


Idris Elba will reprise his role as Luther.

William Goldman wrote The Princess Bride. Brian was almost there…

The PodwitsBrian once again fancies himself a Bond villain, and tries to distract those meddling Podwit kids with talk of clever marketing and despotic Brooklyn movie theaters! Dion’s full of fun facts about advertising legend Jerry Della Femina and how advertising price discounts can be illegal in Denmark! J. tells us all about how his time living in East Flatbush turned him into a heartless killer! Shenanigans abound on this all new Podwits Podcast!

Here’s one of the Famous Grouse commercials Dion was talking about:

The PodwitsHold onto your hats and masks ladies and germs!  This week’s Podcast has a very special look into the mind of the man behind the man behind the man behind the man behind the man behind the all work and no play make Gooshie a dull boy…kjdlsf,kjnsdfam,vsiu

Sorry about that.  Anyway… It’s the one and only J. Marcus Voorhees on this week’s cast!  He’s here to spill the beans about his dinners with Mr. K and to express his joys and sorrows over the recent Halloween season.  Oh and did you hear about the big news this week?  A very special TV show is finally making it to a home theater near you after decades of seclusion!

It’s a spooky edition of the Podwits Podcast that you’ll have to hear to believe!