The PodwitsThe boys usher in the New Year with talk of documentaries, and the annoyance of the Documentarian interjecting themselves into the narrative and becoming the central character- is that at all necessary? Then of course, like all good academic conversations, the topic leads to porn and the numbing of the modern mind to the naked image and what now can be found online… and well, so much so that they actually had to edit out a recollection that wasn’t approved by the censors and the Hayes Code!

So come have a listen to the first cast of 2015– and also hear the exclusive, announcement the Podwits have on the all new Podcast premiering in the coming weeks! Please come down and have a listen!!!

Check out the original leaked videos that led to the great 2010 documentary Winnebago Man.

And here are details of New York City’s famous, lost 1960’s club’s, Steve Paul’s The Scene.