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This one really is our twenty-fifth regular weekly podcast, so we look back at the good times because we have to or Commander Riker will die! No, wait, that was “Shades of Gray“. Sorry for bringing that up. Instead, the boys look at casting for the big-budget Podwits film that may somewhere someday flit briefly through someone’s mind, […]

The Podwits have been remastered for a new age! Brian’s been replaced by a computer-generated simulacrum that looks like Toshiro Mifune! Dion has been painstakingly reconstructed from scraps of sixty-year-old film stock! And, in the newly-discovered and shocking “original twist ending”, J. is tragically killed in a sonic screwdriver duel with his arch-nemesis! Or, it’s […]

George Lucas told the New York Times this week that there will be no more Star Wars films, and that he’s essentially retiring. Mr. Lucas cites the enormous criticism from online fans and critics alike for killing the franchise. Lucas drew truckloads of criticism, first for his digital revisions to the original three films when they […]

Brian’s got a chip on his shoulder and a bug up his butt about some new remakes in the Hollywood pipeline, J. and Dion try to talk him off the ledge, and many film buff hijinks ensue. Plus listener comments and your Borgnine fix. Getcher red hot Podcast right hee-yah!