Well Hello There!

Posted: 28th October 2011 by Podwits Administrator in Housekeeping

Greetings and salutations Mr. & Mrs. Interwebs and all the ships at sea!  Welcome to THE PODWITS!

Rather than bore you with a lengthy explanation about what exactly a Podwit is, we shall self-servingly point you to our bountiful ABOUT US page where you can not only read about us and see our lovely pictures but you can connect with us via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and all that fancy social networking stuff the kids are all keen on these days.

What you won’t find here is the cure for cancer, long diatribes about how one political party or another is destroying some country or dissertations on the mating rituals of South American insects (which, having wrote that, means that one day there will be a post here on that very subject).

Instead, you’ll get news and views on all sorts of stuff from movies, TV, music and more!  And the best part is… once a week you’ll get to hear straight from our very lips in that new-fangled craze that’s sweeping the nation… THE PODCAST!  Coming soon to a feed near you (here and on iTunes), you’ll be able to subscribe to the weekly PODWITS PODCAST featuring the lovable Podwits themselves… us.

So strap yourself in, bookmark the page, like it in your Facebook, follow us on your Twitters and prepare yourself for the Invasion of the Podwits!