Harry Morgan, the veteran actor with over 100 films under his belt, died today at the young age of 96. Morgan, who acted in such classics as The Oxbow Incident, Inherit the Wind, Dragonwyck and High Noon passed away at his home in Los Angeles Wednesday morning.

 Many will remember him as Jack Webb’s partner, Offier Bill Gannon on Dragnet (1967-70) and more recently, as Colonel Sherman T. Potter on the long running television comedy M*A*S*H*(1974-83).

He was an amazingly gifted character actor, one who would show up in almost everything, and could seamlessly blend in to whatever period he was playing, be it victorian melodrama, western, comedy, or crime drama.

I often say a course should be given on the art of the ‘character actor’ and if it were up to me, Mr. Morgan would definitely be a large element to this class. He is from a generation of actors and artists which can never be replaced, and Mr. Morgan will be missed tremendously.

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