8mm Digital?!?

Posted: 7th January 2012 by J. Marcus in Electronics
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It’s becoming increasingly harder to find places that sell, let alone develop 8mm or Super 8 film.  Mainly that’s because it’s an outdated format that most people don’t even think about anymore unless they’re feeling particularly nostalgic… or if they’re in film school.

While it may be trite to some, sometimes you can’t beat the look and feel of those old films.  There’s a certain innocent quality to the washed out colors and occasional picture jumps that bring you back to a more tranquil time.  And in today’s modern age, when you’re looking at crisp 1080p video where you can almost count the pores on someone’s face and see the plaque on their teeth, you’d be hard pressed to make an argument for fuzzy film stock.

But if you yearn for those innocent-looking images, you can check out the the Fuuvi Bee!  For a mere $80 over at audiocubes.com, the Bee is a small camera (that looks like it fits in the palm of your hand) that takes video that looks like 8mm, but is actually recorded on a microSD card.

Even the design of the camera captures the look and feel of the old cameras.  The only thing missing is a hand crank (though they did eventually move to a motorized mechanism).  The film itself looks rather spectacular as you can see in the video

The company claims that the camera can record for up to 100 hours on a single battery charge.  So if you want to get your 70’s film-geek on, head on over to audiocubes.com and pick one up!  If you do, send us a link to your video.  We’d love to see it.  Especially if there’s nudity!  OK, maybe not.  No really, go ahead.  Or not.