We thought it for a long time, but it was not until this week that it was officially confirmed: President Barack Obama is a Trekkie.

Courtesy of twitpic.com/@RealNichelle

There’s no hiding it… Star Trek has reached even the highest levels of office.
Actress Nichelle Nichols, who played Nyota Uhura on the original Star Trek  television series, visited the White House in February and snagged this photo with the President. She then tweeted it out this past Tuesday.
Nichols was in awe, and kindly asked Obama about a rumor she had heard months earlier, which he happily confirmed; that while growing up in Hawaii, he had had a crush on the original cosmic communications officer.
Nichols made history in 1968 when she shared the first interracial kiss on the small screen with co-star William Shatner. She visited the White House at the end of February, participating in the White House activities for Black History Month.  A smitten Nichols gushed over Twitter that she was the one that was star-struck and suffering from a star-crush.
It’s pretty cool to get the Commander-in-Chief to be able to flash the Vulcan salute and make the decade for Trekkies worldwide.
Let’s just hope we can still go on to live long and prosper….

  1. J. Marcus says:

    For my money, if he wanted to REALLY show he was a STAR TREK fan, he’d give NASA a lot more money and make space more of a priority. The fact that we didn’t have a vehicle ready before we scrapped the Space Shuttle is a travesty.

  2. Scotty says:

    Well, now I can’t like Star Trek anymore…