Spiders Cast Web of Terror

Posted: 4th June 2012 by Yorkshire Girl in News, Up on The Soap Box
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Now I haven’t written on here for quite a while, but when I read this story on the Fox News website this morning my first reaction was “Holy Mother of God”—my worst nightmare has come true.

After doing more research I learned that on May 8th Chapakhowa Nagaon, a small village near Sadiya, India, was invaded and attacked by an army of venomous spiders, leaving in its wake two people dead and many others injured.

Like a scene from Arachnophobia (the scariest movie of all time in my opinion), the spiders suddenly appeared in the small village and attacked the locals, leaving them in fear.

“We have never seen such black spiders before, and they descended in large numbers” Jintu Gogol, a spider bite survivor, was quoted as saying.

An alert was sounded asking people to stay indoors at night and there was even talk about fogging the place with DDT to kill the eight-legged beasts, but an effective solution was not found.

On May 22nd a team of experts from Dibrugarh University left for Sadiya a two-day tour to asses the situation.

“As of now, we cannot give a specific name. It is similar to the tarantula, but it could be a whole new species. Whatever it is,  it’s highly aggressive, It leaps at anything that comes close” Dr L R Saikia, head of the Department of Life Sciences, told the Times of India.

Another expert believes the spider may be the black wishbone, which is found in Australia. People are baffled as to how the black spider, whatever its species, appeared in a place that’s not its usual habitat, and why it appeared in a swarm.

Dr Vejay K Singh, a British expert known as “Dr. Venom” has heard about the invasion and plans to come down and check out the spider himself.

Results are still pending from Dibrugarh University, but this Yorkshire Girl wont be travelling to Sadiya anytime soon. It’s bad enough finding a spider in my bathtub!