Recently, retired NYPD legend turned actor, producer, and author Randy Jurgensen was asked to give a colloquium on his book, “Circle of Six: The True Story of New York’s Most Notorious Cop-Killer and The Cop Who Risked Everything to Catch Him“, at a ceremony in Westchester New York, followed by a Q & A moderated by the Podwits very own, Dion Baia.

Included here is Randy’s EXCLUSIVE discussion on the infamous case and memories of the era, that eventually turned into his book. Please check out Randy’s site and book (which the Podwits highly recommend), which has recently been released in paperback.

For more amazingly interesting Jurgensen discussions, please check out our EXCLUSIVE two-part interview, “An Evening with Jurgensen“, and his 15-minute personal prologue to that discussion, found on “Live From Borgnine Night“, all of which are available for FREE download on this site, and on iTunes. In these rare one-on-one interviews, Randy covers in detail his most famous and notorious NYPD cases, his segue to the world of film, and the legendary projects and stars he’s worked with. It’s definitely worth a listen!