My favorite time of the year brings all kinds of things. For me, I love the old TV Christmas Specials that for the most part, are luckily still aired. But a couple of years back I was in England and my mind was blown away by an advert which, I think is almost completely unknown back here in the states.

On the first viewing, I couldn’t tell if it was pure brilliance, or complete sacrilege. Tough words? Well read on to see for yourself.

Argos, which is an English store, similar to America’s Walmart without the apparel, released this commercial a couple of years ago that has Bing Crosby leading kids into the set of a holiday special (looking to be like the one he used to do the duet with David Bowie), and once everyone is ready, instead of crooning a beloved Christmas tune, he instead picks up the mic and -wait for it- beatboxes.

Much like the technology of the mid 90’s that brought us John Wayne back from the dead to hock Coors Light with drill Sergeant R Lee Ermey, or Humphrey Bogart to push Diet Coke, or more recently Steve McQueen to push the new-throwback design to Mustang GT Fastback, we have Bing CGIed freestyling like the singer would never have dreamed.

Too much you might say? Disrespectful? I would think it is up to the viewer to decide. I do remember seeing one young pop singer who I shall remain unmentioned, comment: “Wow, look at that old guy freestyle!”

I honestly don’t know what is worse- having Bing do something like this to promote a store chain, or that his family actually would have had to sign off on the licensing of his likeness for the TV spot. Like I said, I think it is for the viewer to decide. I just don’t know if I like for all intents purposes, resurrecting the dead just to have them sell whatever tickles are current, A.D.D.-pseudo-intellectual fancies. (At least with the Duke or Steve, I could see them actually signing off on promoting a beer, or a new Ford Mustang). But thinking Bing would be okay with selling (is it even clear exactly what he is advertising?) Argos, I think is a tad presumptuous. Especially in a way the crooner may not have even considered music. Hell I think it kind of looks to be making fun of the singing legend. But all this is a moot point since the ad is from 2010.

Oh well, maybe next year we can CGI him rapping for MTV or Bravo’s new line up.