Please Stand By

Posted: December 1, 2013 by Podwits Administrator in Podcast

Technical Difficulties

Hello everyone.  My name is Gooshie.  I am the technical director for The Podwits.  Long-time listeners are probably surprised to see me writing in English.  As it turns out, English is my first language.  I honestly think The Podwits just pretend they don’t understand me so that they can ignore me.

At any rate, I’m here to bring you the sorry news that there won’t be a new episode of The Podwits Podcast this week.  No, it’s not because the three nitwits got too drunk on Thanksgiving and slept through the taping (though Lord knows I sometimes wish they would).  As it turns out, this time it is VERY MUCH my fault.  I’m sorry to say that I accidentally reversed the polarity of the neutron flow on the recording equipment and, for some reason, the audio came out so badly that the gold featured in this week’s cast is too badly garbled for human ears.  I do understand, however, that some dogs find it quite soothing.

At any rate, please join us next week for a brand new podcast, while I attempt to re-reverse the polarity (and hopefully not confuse it).


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