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Last year, I was lucky enough to meet Martha Sigall, the 96-year-young former inker and painter who worked in what some consider the golden age of cartoonmaking in Hollywood. You name it, she worked on it, over the past eighty years. I had the opportunity to sit in on a Q&A with her, and then […]

  Hello there fellow Podwitian’s! It as been a long time in coming, but here is the promised conversation with Animation Legend Bob Singer! The man was unbelievable and such a sincere, friendly and warm person. Working in the heyday of animation and being a leading pioneer at Hanna Barbara studios, he certainly has seen it all. Mr. Singer worked as […]

The boys are once again out and about (or are they?) — this time in a diner (really?).  The wits of Pod get down and dirty to talk about animated films, Dion gushes over Kevin Cabbagepatch (?) while Brian cheats on with his wife!  J. also takes the time to plug just about everything under the […]

Looks like Pixar’s got another winner…

Posted: 16th November 2011 by Brian in News
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Just got my first gander at the trailer for next year’s Pixar film, Brave, and it looks like another grand slam from Lasseter & Co. With the exception of the two Cars movies, Pixar is batting a thousand as far as I’m concerned, and even though this girl-power riff looks like it might suffer a bit […]