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Dion and contributor J. Blake are back for what is probably their BIGGEST (and LONGEST) Side Cast yet! After an extended intro of probably the duo’s worst college drinking story, they ease into the Christmas Spirit by way of Whittier Alaska, the Krampus (Saint Nick‘s long-lost brother), and the posthumously released Phil Hartman animated Christmas movie. Nothing is off […]

Christmas Around The World

Posted: 15th December 2011 by Yorkshire Girl in Uncategorized
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I love Christmas.. I love everything about it.. The atmosphere, the lights, the magic, family, the gifts! Okay… especially the gifts. There’s something about that man with a white beard and red suit climbing down the chimney that brings joy to our hearts young and old.

In this exciting and riveting installment, J, Brian, and Dion tackle such issues as teen pregnancy, religion, childhood obesity and the “race” card… Oops, wrong show. Instead, The Podwits cover credit card fraud, ask the age-old question, “are toys and toymakers losing their souls?”, contemplate Santa being knocked around by Best Buy; NYC rating “Street-meat” […]