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More From The Reader Mailbag

Posted: 15th December 2011 by J. Marcus in Cyber Mailbag

Every once in a while we like to open up the cyber mailbag here at and take a look at some of the comments we get from our readers.  Our readership are very important to us.  You are the backbone of this blogsite and it is only because of you that this blogsite and […]

Christmas Around The World

Posted: 15th December 2011 by Yorkshire Girl in Uncategorized
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I love Christmas.. I love everything about it.. The atmosphere, the lights, the magic, family, the gifts! Okay… especially the gifts. There’s something about that man with a white beard and red suit climbing down the chimney that brings joy to our hearts young and old.

According to TMZ, Clint Eastwood’s wife and two daughter have penned a deal with Kardashian reality show producer Bunim/Murray, to star in a family-oriented reality show.

The brand-spanking new trailer for the sequel to 2009’s G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra has been released and it looks… um ok, I guess.

Between its debut in 1963 and its initial cancellation in 1989, 695 individual episodes of Doctor Who were produced, and one of the great scandals of television history is that of those 695 episodes over a hundred of them (all from the show’s 1960s black-and-white era) were summarily erased by the BBC in the mid-1970s […]

Blues Guitar legend Hubert Sumlin,  whose signature scream and snarl defined Howlin’ Wolf’s sound, died in Wayne, New Jersey this week at the age of 80.  A highly underrated guitar pioneer in the Chicago “Electric Blues” scene of the late 1940’s- to late 50’s, Mr. Sumlin is revered in the music, directly influencing musicians such as Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, […]

Brian’s got a chip on his shoulder and a bug up his butt about some new remakes in the Hollywood pipeline, J. and Dion try to talk him off the ledge, and many film buff hijinks ensue. Plus listener comments and your Borgnine fix. Getcher red hot Podcast right hee-yah!

The good folks at Eon Productions have been the caretakers of the James Bond franchise, through thick and VERY thin for almost 50 years.  Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig… These names roll off the tongue rather easily as all being the aliases of 007.  Thanks to the” miracle” […]

Harry Morgan, the veteran actor with over 100 films under his belt, died today at the young age of 96. Morgan, who acted in such classics as The Oxbow Incident, Inherit the Wind, Dragonwyck and High Noon passed away at his home in Los Angeles Wednesday morning.

Who would of known. I don’t know why it has taken until 2011 for this to come out, but rumor on the street  is the classic Muppet song “Mahna Mahna” is from a  1968 Italian porn film entitled Sweden: Heaven and Hell. Huh.