Who’s Bad?

No, we’re not talking about whatever Beatles rights his estate still retains. According to the The Daily Mail, hackers on the web have broken into SONY Music servers, and stolen the superstar’s entire back catalog of unreleased music, worth -wait for it- $250 million!

SONY reportedly paid over $400 million for the seven-year rights to the catalog, which allows the company to release 10 new albums of unreleased material; as well as the outtakes from studio sessions while he was recording some of his greatest albums.

This is supposedly the second breach of security for SONY by hackers who attacked the server over the past year, looking to steal Jackson’s material. The 50,000 files stolen also included collaborations with will.i.am, and the late Freddie Mercury. Two UK men have been arrested and released on bail, with a trial date set for January. The two men, alleged fans of Michael Jackson, have pleaded not guilty, and are confident of their innocence.  The two have said publicly that they would never do anything to harm MJ’s musical legacy.

Seems the gloved one can’t catch a break… Makes you wonder who the hell is running the computers over at SONY.

RIP Mike.