Well, people, after an almost-15-year boycott of seeing new films on opening day (Sex and the City 2 doesn’t count because I was dragged to the cinema by the fiancée), I went to see Prometheus last night and boy, was I impressed.

Talking about a film for the rest of the night is proof for me that a filmmaker has successfully achieved his end of the bargain of getting an emotional reaction out of the audience. Hell, I know everyone loves Scott’s Gladiator, but I think this is probably his best film since Blade Runner. But I’m not hear to bore you with a rambling post about that. It will probably be studied for years to come, as all great films are, and you really should see it in the theater so you can see the mind-blowing new 3D that seems to even dwarf Cameron’s Avatar. I don’t think they can possibly translate it on the DVD/BluRay release, so you should definitely shell out the coin to get the proper “experience”.

Here are two companion shorts that were filmed and released online prior to the film’s opening, which for some odd reason no one seems to have heard about or seen!

These two shorts, really flesh out the background story of Weyland Industries, and both are not in the theatrical cut of the film.

The first, called Ted 2023, establishes Peter Weyland as the creator and CEO of Weyland Industries, which is the company seen in this and the other Alien films. It is interesting to note that this is set in 2023, a full 65 years before Prometheus begins. I also like how Weyland, played by Guy Pearce, quotes the exact line from Lawrence of Arabia that his android David later watches and even quotes in the new film.

Ted 2023

The second, is a neat little Industrial Short made to showcase Michael Fassbender’s android character “David”‘s  usefulness within companies, and the benefits a corporation or individual could receive if purchasing one from Weyward Industries. It’s like a promo from Apple highlighting a new product. Very cool, and it really only scratches the surface of the wonderfully brilliant performance Fassbender gives as the proper, English-style-butler-esque android.

David Industrial Film

Pretty freaking cool!