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While on a much-needed honeymoon to the Lake George region of upstate New York (if you’ve seen or read The Last of the Mohicans, then that’s the lake it all occurred on), my bride and I took in a custom that I thankfully have been enjoying since since childhood, which was see a double feature […]

On July 8, the world lost another pillar of greatness, a link to a lost and nearly forgotten world, a connection to a time when legends walked the earth. Sunday morning, Ernest Borgnine peacefully passed away of renal failure, surrounded by his family. He was 95 years young. Where can one begin to discuss the life of the […]

With Dion on the lam again, J. and Brian are forced to go it alone once again.  Amazing technical goofs aside, the boys manage to run the bases, covering such amazing topics as the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, Doctor Who, the new Spider-Man movie and even a little bit of historical comic lore!  So […]

Being the patriotic bloke that I am, I decided to celebrate the 4th of July this week by doing something incredibly American.  I ate bacon.  More specifically, I tried the Bacon Sundae from Burger King. The dessert is ‘hand made’ by the good folks at BK with vanilla soft-serve ice cream, chocolate and caramel syrups […]

As The Amazing Spider-Man grew closer to its debut, the question just got louder and louder: With three madly successful Spider-Man films being released in just the last ten years, was it neccessary, or wise, to reboot the franchise and inflict a whole new Spider-Man on a public that was probably all Spider-Manned out? Did anyone […]

Holy podcast, Caped Crusader!  J. and Dion have decided to take a trip back in time to the very beginnings of the Dark Knight, rediscovering his roots and tracing the steps that a millionaire playboy took to becoming the world’s greatest detective.  We follow him from his meager beginnings as a simple line drawing, through […]

Join Brian every other Tuesday as he talks comic books from a reader’s perspective, both his new experiences with the medium and reflections on over thirty years of enjoying the finest in sequential art. The “uncanny valley” is a term used in robotics (and, more generally, in the science fiction community) to describe the phenomenon […]

Earlier this year it was announced that Nestlé would be teaming up with the Girl Scouts of the USA for a line of co-branded candy bars based on popular Girl Scouts cookies.  Back in May, the first run of these limited-edition treats were made available online through Nestlé’s Facebook page.  As of June 1, the bars are […]