Yesterday the new trailer for Iron Man 3 hit the airwaves -or should I say the Cat 5’s- and it looks to be interesting to say the very least. This time around we have the amazingly talented Shane Black penning and directing, which makes me very excited.


The legendary writer of Lethal Weapon 1& 2, The Monster Squad, Predator, Last Action Hero (say what you will, but I love it!), The Last Boy Scout and greatly the underrated Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (which he also directed), was brought in to helm this third installment in the franchise. It’s interesting that the people at Paramount and Marvel threw out Jon Favreau as a director (which is rumored to have of gone down like the Tim Burton/Warner Brothers conversation in 1994 for the third Batman film Batman Forever, in which they said “You can comeback and direct it, but we thought you wouldn’t want to, so we got someone else…”) after a luke-warm reception of the last Iron Man film, even though he completely hit it out of the park with the first installment -a film that could be considered maybe aside from Sin City- as one of the best comic book to film adaptations of all time.

But alas, if we’ve learned anything about Hollywood, it is that there is nothing that resembles loyalty- but have no fear because Favreau still returns as Stark’s bodyguard/chaperone, Happy Hogan.

Back for the ride here are Robert Downey Jr. (as if they could do it without him), Gwyneth Paltrow, along with newcomers Ben Kingsley as the villainous “Mandarin”, which seems to have hardcore fans keeping their fingers crossed to see if he can successfully pull off the nemesis, as well as Guy Pearce (who I am glad to see back in the mainstream after scoring hits in The King’s Speech and Prometheus).

Is it going to be good? We’ll have to wait to April to find out but from the looks of the trailer, once again, all Hell’s broken loose.