After the hushed rumors for months and then the huge buzz created by the recently leaked Comic Con footage, it has finally arrived. The holy grail for 80’s horror fans, The Evil Dead, has been remade and the trailer has finally been released.

Sam Raimi, who directed the original cult classic and its two sequels that starred Bruce Campbell as ‘Ash”, produced this revision, along with the famed actor. The two-handed picked new-comer Fede Alvarez to direct, after seeing his short, Panic Attack!, which can be viewed here.

This time around it seems the classic character Ash that was famously played by Campbell has been reinvented as a woman, played by Jane Levy and now called ‘Mia’. Much like the original, it looks as though this version is being played as a straight horror, unlike the original’s sequels, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, which successfully morphed into brilliant examples of dark, dark comedies within the horror genre.

But not only does the 2013 remake look to be a straight horror film, it looks to be very gruesome and intense, and does not seem at all suitable for young people (which we all know won’t matter to some parents and ‘guardians’).

From the spoilers in this teaser trailer though, it seems we could have a very worthy rehash on our hands, which should definitely bring some much-deserved attention to the original trilogy, as well as a huge sigh of relief for horror fans. I mean after even seeing a broadway interpretation of The Evil Dead some five years ago, this seemed like the only way to go.

With Raimi and Campbell very close to this production (even as far as Raimi helping to pen this version), I think it’s safe to say we may have a real winner on our hands.

So in the immortal words of Ash: “Groovy.”