SFcoverart600Hey, everyone, Brian and Dion have branched out and added another podcast to the ever-growing Podwits Podcast Network—Wah-Hoo! A Sgt. Fury Podcast is now a thing! Our two intrepid podcasters are reading Marvel Comics’ classic World War II comic Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, and in each episode of Wah-Hoo! they get deep into one issue of the mag, with a synopsis, page-by-page analysis of the writing and art, historical context and insights and, of course, the opinions and hilarity that you’d come to expect from them. Episode 2, in which Dion and Brian follow the Howlers into a concentration camp in an attempt to stop the Nazis from getting the Bomb, went live today. So go to http://furycast.podwits.com, or find Wah-Hoo! on iTunes, and start following the rip-roaring WWII adventures of Sgt. Fury and his squad today!