The PodwitsJ. Marcus gives Dion his immediate reactions to the appearance of the 12th Doctor in last week’s Doctor Who Season Debut, not mincing words or pulling punches. Has watching it a half a dozen times on the DVR and seeing it in the cinema changed his mind? Then the back-end of the ‘cast is filled with the news announced by Warner Brothers that no less than 10 DC Comic-related films are in the works, and they will ALL BE DEVOID OF HUMOR– is that the right thing to do, much less announce?! Cmon down and have a listen at a sparkling, pristine, new edition of The Podwits Podcast!


Check out the 1985 Doctor Who/We Are the World-esque mash-up called Doctor in Distress, to get the 6th Doctor back on the air.

If you feel so inclined (AND ARE OVER 18YRS OLD), go have a quick gander at the porn-parody of Doctor Who for free, courtesy of