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The Man of Steel at 75

Posted: 18th April 2013 by Brian in Comic Books
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Before it happened, it probably seemed like just another dime-mag debut. But while National Allied Publications might not have realized it, when they released Action Comics #1 on April 18, 1938—seventy-five years ago today—they changed the world. Because right at the top, before stories about Zatara the Master Magician, Pep’ Morgan, and Tex Thompson (among many […]

This edition of “The Comic Spinner” is guest-written by the Podwits’ own J. Marcus.  Please feel free to forward all your complaints to him! With all the on-and-on I have been doing this past year on, Brian has been kind enough to ask me to answer a simple question regarding my favorite comic book […]

**DANGER — SPOILERS AHEAD** This week marks the release of Superman vs The Elite, the latest direct-to-video film from Warner Bros. Home Video.  The film, released on Blu-Ray and DVD on June 12, retells the classic story from Action Comics 775 from March 2001 called “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?”