If you’ve listened to this week’s Podwits Podcast, you heard a lot of tasty bits to keep your earholes happy!

But there’s so much you didn’t get a chance to see…

Like this for example!

It’s one of four new PSA images promoting breast cancer awareness in Mozambique.

You can check out other images of Catwoman, Storm and She-Hulk as well as the full story behind the images here.

We also talked about the latest in the Shatfish Showdown.  George Takei chimed in with his olive branch to both sides, bringing together Star Wars and Star Trek fans alike to join forces against their common enemy… TWILIGHT FANS!

Feel like taking a trip through time?  Well if you can’t afford a case of plutonium to power your Flux Capacitor, you can head over to RADIO SHACK CATALOGS where you can take a peek at Radio Shacks offerings through the ages, dating back to the 1940s!  Check out the hip new auto dialers for your telephone that you can buy in 1983!  Our the great oak covered speakers for your living room in the 70’s.

Finally… if your heart can stand the incredible excitement and breathtaking visuals, and if your mind can withstand the IQ melting lack of any kind of sense… witness the horror that is… the trailer for the film BATTLESHIP (from the company that brought you Transformers)