Side CastsDion and J. Blake are back for another exciting addition of the Podwits’ Side Cast. Todays topic is toys from our childhood. A subject often visited in the Podwits podcast, this time around the duo laments about the various toys they played with in their youth. Dion explains his paradox growing up that was imposed on him by his parents, which in hindsight was brilliant (and he won’t admit that he plans to use it on his future children), they discuss the idea of cartoons that were made just to sell toys, and J. Blake lays out the current theory on why today is the best time for guys our age to sell those old toys in the attic. It’s always fun on the Side Cast!



Please check out J. Marcus and Dion‘s two earlier podcasts about on the matter, entitled Into the Toybox!

Here is the Spiderman Encyclopedia J. Blake was referring to.

Here is the Thundercats Outtakes from the original cast recordings.

Here is a link to the page The Centurions toy and TV show that the boys couldn’t remember.

And here is another link to the cartoon and toy franchise Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion, that lads couldn’t recall the name of.


  1. Yanni Blaise says:

    Those Thundercat outtakes were f’n great.