Album Art Looking DownThis week J. Marcus and Dion tackle the pressing issues of the day:  the British thespian Invasion, ‘Old Detriot’ alla RoboCop becoming a reality, the Dark Knight Trilogy Box Set, the plot holes that abound in Star Trek: Into Darkness, the final word on Richard Donner’s Superman with the newly released International Cut, and- last but certainly not least, Batman and The Riddler attending an orgy. You think we make this stuff up? If only fiction could be as entertaining! Come have a listen!



If you’ve got the coin, why not purchase the ultimate Robocop Figure?

Wanna buy 1960’s Batman & Robin with their batmobile?

Here is a link where you’ll find information on the new International Cut to Richard Donner’s 1978 film Superman.

Dion brought up The Proposal when referencing an Aussie Western, but he in fact meant 2005’s The Proposition.