Night of the Podwits!The cold weather is seeping into the Podwits’ bones, as the boys do their best impression of grumpy old men. They’ve decided that the Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular, the iPotty and MTV all basically add up to the impending end of Western civilization as we know it. Whether you agree with ’em or not, you’re sure to get some laughs from this all-new Podwits Podcast!

What Brian’s Drinking: Goose Island Honker’s Ale

Triple Takes
J: Miley Cyrus named MTV’s “Artist of the Year”
Dion: The death of Blockbuster video stores
Brian: My love for FOX’s Almost Human has waned

Geek Love
J: My love for FOX’s Almost Human has never been stronger
Dion: Ernest P. Worrell’s lost classic “Ernest the Pirate
Brian: The UK sitcom Spaced