Last week, I shared one of my favorite new British Christmas adverts I saw while home in Leeds, Yorkshire.

The Marks & Spencers Christmas ad “Believe in Magic & Sparkle”, was a perfect example of the short little vignettes that English audiences have come to love in the Christmas season.

It has become somewhat of a tradition which never really seemed to take off here in the States, much like our other custom of the highly-anticipated “Christmas Episode” of our favorite television shows.  It is the premiere of the new Christmas adverts, which have become an institution for us, similar to the commercials that American audiences wait to see during the Super Bowl.

Every year, we Brits eagerly await each new Christmas advertisement, like the popular Famous Grouse Whiskey adverts and the latest supermarket extravaganza! The classic 1995 Coca-Cola “The Holidays are Coming” Truck commercial is a must for us and has been airing for many years in the UK  (it has become so popular that Coca-Cola have the truck tour around the country for people to see), and it really helps us kick off the Christmas season. Some of these adverts have become like mini-movies, and you immediately get absorbed into their story.

The second I would like to show you, makes me (and my family) tear up every time I watch it. I love it. Pure and simple.

It is John Lewis Department Stores’ 2013 advert entitled “The Bear & The Hare“.  It encapsulates every sentiment I value in the Christmas season. Not like “BIG-SALE”, “BLOW-OUT DEALS” and “DOOR-STOPPER SAVINGS!”, the seasons adverts have sadly turned into. Hopefully these ads I share with you here at The Podwits will shine a light on some of our lovely traditions in the UK, and hopefully, bring some much-needed love and spirit to your season.

Merry Christmas and please watch and enjoy!