The PodwitsThis week Dion and J. jump right into it! The boys discuss Quentin Tarantino’s dismay over the leaking of his new script, The Hateful Eight; the James Bond 50th anniversary Box Set and it’s extras; the exciting news that the 1966 Batman TV series will FINALLY get a proper DVD release; and a dissection of J’s Side Cast with guest contributor Kuma (of Kuma Kreations Entertainment) about the latest Superman film, Man of Steel. Better grab your favorite poncho and Ennio Morricone record, cause the Podwits are coming out with guns a blazing!!!


Here is a brand new Muppets short, pitting Gordon Ramsay vs. The Swedish Chef.

Here is the short-lived John Woo television series, Once a Thief, available on Amazon for a very affordable price.

Check out the Kickstarter project to raise money for a documentary about the never-realized 1998 Tim Burton film, Superman Lives.