Side-CastsTo celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman, The Podwits deliver a special edition of the Side Cast! Dion and contributor J. Blake celebrate the history of the character by sharing their memories and speak about the history, which leads into some very interesting topics: The various incarnations from comic, to small and then silver screen; the contention held by fans of The Shadow for the Caped Crusader; the journey from pulp, to comedic, to the Dark Knight, and much more! So come on down and have a listen to Part 1 of our toast to Batman’s 75th!


Batman 66 is the comic book reboot of the 1966 version of the Caped Crusader.

The 1966 Batman trading cards were drawn by legendary artist Norman Saunders.

Shirley Walker was the composer who assisted Danny Elfman with the music for Batman the Animated Series.

William Sanderson was the actor who voiced a character in The Animated Series that was very close to his J. F. Sebastian from Ridley Scott’s 1982 film, Blade Runner.

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