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The Podwits themselves are god-knows-where, celebrating whatever bizarre holidays that get celebrated ’round this time of year in Podwits-land. It’s probably best we don’t ask too many questions about that. But while they’re away, here for your holiday listening enjoyment is one of our favorite podcasts from the past, our second cartoon special from February […]

The boys are back with another special edition of The Podwits Podcast. This week it’s part two of our cartoons special, focusing on the changing era of animation from the 1960-90’s. This time around they chat about all the old cartoons they grew up with and loved as children. Come take a stroll down Memory Lane to […]

To a reasonably intelligent eight-year-old in the first flowering of his burgeoning nerdhood, whose brain still bore the deeply-creased impressions left by Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the summer of 1980 brought one of the greatest treasures of all when Star Blazers exploded onto my big ol’ cathode-ray TV […]