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This week the masters of Wit and Pod are confronted with the shocking terror that is… The Feline Quadrocopter!  The Podwits then try to escape the horrors of Herman Munster and film stories that won’t die!  Is it Halloween?  No, but these frightening tales are not for those with weak hearts!  Listen… IF YOU DARE!!! […]

“The difference between George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry is that Roddenberry had the good sense to die.” J. Marcus (1998-present) Yep, I have said that phrase out loud for more than a decade.  What I mean by that, in a nutshell, is that Roddenberry had not only been marginalized by Paramount by the time Star […]

Do you know who Bryan Fuller is?  According to his IMDB page he is an accomplished figure in television.  He’s not a Joss Whedon or a Steven Bochco or a Stephen J. Cannell or a Glen Larson or a Danny Thomas, etc. But he has been attached to some big-name shows in the past like […]

Internet rumors abound that the DVD rental giant Netflix, pulled from it’s streaming catalogue The Bodyguard (1992),  just to boost it’s DVD sales.  

Here is a link to the NYC cult figure GG Allin, and his extremely bizarre stage acts…  Terence Hill actually starred along side Mr. B in SuperFuzz (1980), not Franco Nero, who made the Django character famous in the Italian Spaghetti Westerns of the late 1960’s… Oops my mistake…

83 years ago this week, 2 gangs were locked in a heated power struggle over control of Chicago’s illegal alcohol industry. Dion O’Banion, leader of the mostly Irish “North-side Gang” had just been murdered and Moran had taken control. He countered back, and tried to kill the head of the “South-side Gang”, Johnny Torrio, all but debilitating the gang leader. Torrio quickly […]

Combatting Robot Racism

Posted: 31st January 2012 by J. Marcus in Uncategorized

To all those who may say that “they all look alike” and can’t tell the difference (see this week’s podcast), here is a handy guide to your robots: But if you’re still confused, here’s a little fuel for the fire.  Robby the Robot did appear in an episode of LOST IN SPACE as a nemesis […]

For a gander at the Awesomingly, Awesome Alternate Universe Movie Posters discussed in this week’s Podcast, please click here.

Happy Birthday ERNIE!!!

Posted: 24th January 2012 by Dion in Uncategorized

We here at The Podwits would like to wish a very Happy 95th Birthday to Mr. Ernest Borgnine and look forward to celebrating it with him and his myriad other fans at Borgnine Night at Tortilla Flats in NYC on February 15th. Happiest of happys to a fine gentleman!

With all the buzz surrounding Zack Snyder’s new Superman film “The Man of Steel”, it’s almost amazing that we haven’t seen any actual footage yet.  The excitement from the studio seems almost palpable.  The first still of Henry Cavill as Superman hit the net and polarized the audience.  Half of the public felt at long […]