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The Podwits are back and this time it’s personal!  While Dion, J. and Brian are more than happy to debate the virtues of the written word versus its interpretation in Hollywood, they also prove they’re not above shilling for everything from to Ahnold himself.  We may even shill for you too…

This is the story of a TV show that lost everything, and the one company who had no choice but to keep them all together. OK, it’s a stretch, but I’m bloody GIDDY!  The Associated Press is reporting that Netflix (confirmed on the Netflix Twitter account), the company that’s finding ways to keep me paying, has partnered with […]

While I’m definitely running out of reasons to continue giving NETFLIX my hard-earned cash, I was pleasantly surprised to find two reasons to be happy I’m still paying.   One was the previously reviewed RED STATE by Kevin Smith. The other was the arrival of William Shatner’s documentary THE CAPTAINS. The premise of THE CAPTAINS […]