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Dion and Brian stand (or at least sit) corrected on the screenwriters of The Big Sleep and the director of Double Indemnity, and proceed to shallowly plumb the depths of the Copenhagen Zoo giraffe-killing controversy and this year’s Winter Olympics. Plus, having just seen the film adaptation of Ender’s Game, Brian’s got a bee in his bonnet […]

Dion is back this week and has acquired some land, a new title, and is wearing a kilt. Brian on the other hand, has been pleasantly surprised at the classic he’s been reading this month for his book club, which lead the fellas into an analysis on what is a classic, what is pretentious, and when is your opinion just the […]

The Podwits are back in the cage after being in the wild for Borgnine Night and decide to tackle the troubling world of Hollywood!  Can the celebrated Wits of Pod remember how to steer a podcast?  Will Gooshie put the show on the air?  Luckily you won’t have to wait until next week… JUST PRESS […]