Side CastsDion debuts The Podwits’  brand new spin-off, called Side-Casts; a series of podcasts that will be done with various contributors, by various Podwits members. In Part 1 of Dion’s 3-part debut special, he and contributor  J. Blake discuss the decade-long decline of  horror conventions, and also reminisce about various legendary, but seldom-seen masterpieces (most horror, but others skirt the line) that are essential for any cinemaphile. Come listen to us drop some knowledge down hard on the playground asphalt, hoping that somebody is gonna want to pick it up and put it in their pocket to take home and call their own, on the Podwits’ new project, Side-Casts.



The actor that should have been up for an Oscar for his portrayal of ‘Bub‘ in George Romero‘s 1985  classic  Day of the Dead, was Sherman Howard.

The actor who played ‘The Dijinn‘ in the 1997 film Wishmaster, was Andrew Divoff.

We apologize for briefly in a ‘port-of-call’ point in our discussion, Dion idiotically refers to the Burt Reynolds‘ 1973 classic Shamus by another name, so the correct title was dubbed in as to not let him continue to sound like a douche while they vamped on the topic.