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Continuing to celebrate the festive Halloween season, Dion and contributor J. Blake are back with part two of their hugely insightful Side Cast on Horror Movie Remakes. They jump right back into the in’s and out’s of the genre, and see how their favorite modern intrepretations stack up to the classics and why. So grab a pen and paper (or you dang […]

Dion debuts The Podwits’  brand new spin-off, called Side-Casts; a series of podcasts that will be done with various contributors, by various Podwits members. In Part 1 of Dion’s 3-part debut special, he and contributor  J. Blake discuss the decade-long decline of  horror conventions, and also reminisce about various legendary, but seldom-seen masterpieces (most horror, but others skirt the line) that […]

According to movieweb, Elijah Wood has been signed as the lead in the remake of the Bill Lusting horror classic, Maniac.  The 1980 original starring the great Joe Spinell is a horror staple and probably showcases some of Tom Savini’s best work. It was Spinell’s Rocky, with him writing and executive producing it.