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Elysium is Energetic, Intense, Pulpy, Violent and Extremely Satisfying on Many Levels, But the Moralizing and Clunky Third Act Short Circuit the Narrative. Rating: C+ MPAA Rating: R for strong bloody violence and language throughout. Review by Luke Whitmire Plot: In the year 2154, the 99% reside on a dilapidated Earth while the 1% are […]

Review by Luke Whitmire   In his third film, Argo, actor-director Ben Affleck devises one of the most compelling, rip-roaring Hollywood thrillers to be put on celluloid, complete with fascinating elements of romance, action, comic relief, and a stylistic homage on par with Sydney Lumet’s classic films. Affleck’s Argo is as taut and intelligent as Lumet’s indelible classic, […]

by Luke Whitmire Anyone who loves the medium of filmmaking will love the compendious rhapsodizing on film vs digital technology in Side by Side. This docu examines the intrinsically fascinating technical specifications of the two formats that have dynamically altered the way we view and interpret art on screen. Over the last ten years, the […]

By Luke Whitmire For a film to center around a crass and sordid child’s toy–the titular teddy bear, wished to life on Christmas night by a child–it doesn’t feel like a generic device we have viewed before. What makes this fuzzy-wuzzy cinematic experience profound and compelling is, the wit and strong character dimensions given to Ted. […]

by Luke Whitmire I’ll be honest: Expendables 2 is a shoddy and lazy film with careless acting, clumsy story structure, cheesy dialogue, and awful CGI. This film truly is a nonsensical and emotional detached opus that redundantly serves up an untrammeled mess of exaggerated carnage. Elementary filmmaking at its worst. Sylvester Stallone structures this sequel […]

The Podwits proudly introduce their new resident movie reviewer extraordinaire, Luke Whitmire, who will be providing us with his unique take on new films. Thank you Brotha Luke! SPOILER ALERT!!! I LOVE THIS FILM IMMENSELY! The best in the series! Well, the political pundits on both sides have been bickering back and forth about the […]