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In this very special edition of the Podwits Side Cast, Dion and contributor J. Blake celebrate the life of the “God among Gods“, SFX master, Dick Smith. They discuss his many groundbreaking achievements in cinema and touch upon the highlights of his extensive resume, bringing to light some films audiences may forget Smith was apart of. […]

The Podwits were saddened to learn that Oscar-winning make-up icon Dick Smith, who defined generations with his pioneering makeup effects, passed away July 30th at age 92. Before CGI was common place, Smith practically invented techniques that are still used to this day, and is credited by Special Effects legends like Rick Baker and Tom Savini in spearheading where Universal Studios […]

  The Podwits are in the weeds this week- literally! After debating the merits of preservatives, the boys go on about hunting, camping, DIY home projects, and doing manly things to help reinforce their fragile egos and prove they are still in fact MEN! Keep their fire going and download the podcast today!       Footnotes: 1970’s Las Vegas Home bomb […]

The lads are back for an exciting, invigorating, and sensational edition of the Podwits Podcast! The band is back together and boy do they have a lot to catch up on! Dion talks about a recent chat with actor Joe Piscopo which leads into discuss (or debate) for their love of the cult classic Dead Heat; Brian brings […]

This week, former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Roy Thomas reported that Dick Ayers, a legendary artist from the Silver Age of comics, passed away on May 4 at his home in White Plains, New York, six days after his ninetieth birthday. In addition to being a frequent inker for Jack Kirby in the early days of […]

The Four-Color Fanboys’ Second “Issue” Is Out!

Posted: May 1, 2014 by Podwits Administrator in Comic Books, News, Podcast

Four-Color Fanboys Issue 2: Upon the Bookshelves There Lurks… a Classic! Once again, Brian and his fellow comic book addict Al Sedano (of Resurrections—An Adam Warlock Podcast) have become the Four-Color Fanboys! Check out this month’s podcast as they talk about the comics they’re reading (both new and old) and even muster up a bit of good old-fashioned topical outrage! Go to […]

Well they’re back at it again for an all new Podwits Podcast.  While enjoying a nice cool beverage in a safety-cup at their local convalescence home, the boys wax about the oldest American Civil War widow to die in 2008, and Brian’s 2010 trip to Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, which lead the boys over to: The […]

Last month my wife and I were lucky enough to be invited to a small event in New York City, celebrating the life of the great film legend Vincent Price, hosted by his daughter, Victoria Price. After a private screening and presentation courtesy of Ms. Price, we all went over to Sardi’s Restaurant to partake in the […]

…His name was Laszlo Lowenstein… In this brand-spankin’ new edition of The Podwits Podcast, the boys are talking movies, and more specifically, their favorite comedies. What do they find funny? What do they think (in their HUMBLE opinion) was a miss? And what the heck is up with Arnold Schwarzenegger giving away spoilers for all his […]

Check Out Brian’s New Comic Book Podcast!

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Four-Color Fanboys Issue 1: Lo, There Shall Come a PODCAST! Exciting news, folks—Brian has teamed up with Al Sedano (of Resurrections—An Adam Warlock Podcast) to produce a new monthly podcast called Four-Color Fanboys! Every month they’ll talk about the comics they’re reading (both new and old), exciting comics-related news items, and whatever else strikes their superhero-lovin’ […]